The experienced explorer and archaeologist Nikolai Spizhevoi has tried out the role of Robinson Crusoe: he lived for several days among the bears on an uninhabited island, Chakmut, in the Amur Estuary on the shores of the Khabarovsk Region. The land belongs to a Moscow entrepreneur who is going to develop ecotourism and “Robinson Crusoe Tourism” here — offering the opportunity to live on an uninhabited island and try the role of Robinson Crusoe. The first to try it was 72-year-old Nikolai Spizhevoi, living in a tent for almost a week, next to bears who came to feast on seals. It turned out that the island’s huge cliff is connected to the mainland by a shallow rocky beach. When the tide is low, it is possible to get to the island almost without getting wet, something that the bears take advantage of. Nikolai kept scaring off the bears with firecrackers, so they didn’t approach him. The extreme element notwithstanding, this “Robinson Crusoe” remained very pleased with his adventure: the local landscape is almost indistinguishable from the famous Shantar Islands, he said.


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