Public baths in Russia are an amazing, deeply national and cultural phenomenon – as much of a symbol of Russia as samovars and balalaikas, vodka and caviar.

The Sanduny Bath House is a specialist in its field, with significant experience that goes back more than two centuries.

In the luxurious authentic interiors of the Sanduny, you see satisfied, sweaty pink-cheeked people. The Russian soul reveals itself here – in slow and friendly conversations, and the sound of fragrant sauna whisks. There’s no place for argument or disagreement in the bath house – it’s a place with an atmosphere of pure bliss and pleasure.

Built in 1808, the Sanduny Bath House became an alternative to Moscow’s famous “English club”. The founder of the baths, Sila Nikolaevich Sandunov, was certain that 19th century Moscow society needed public baths – and he was right. The brightest representatives of the city’s upper crust and intellectuals would gather here and enjoy a glass of Moet champagne.

The later history of the Sanduny was not so magnificent, and as time went by the wooden bath house became dilapidated and went into decline. Alexei Gonetsky, who reconstructed the baths completely in 1896, became a worthy successor to Sila Sandunov. His determination to make the Sanduny Bath House the best and most luxurious remained. With the help of the best architects and engineers and the most expensive materials, the new Sanduny became a real “Palace of Bathing”. Today, the interior of the gem in the Sanduny collection – the first class section for gentlemen – remains unchanged.

Current amenities include 3 classes for men, with separate lounge zones, spacious steam rooms and swimming pools. For ladies, there are 2 such classes. Private bath rooms can be booked for parties. There are 8 separate bath rooms, decorated in different styles and with different capacities. The “Sanduny” restaurant, famous for its ancient recipes of Russian cuisine, is part of the complex. There are also beauty salons for gentlemen and ladies, as well as the famous “Sanduny Orient” SPA-centre.

The illustrious history and “museum” interiors, as well as the variety and the highest level of service, make the Sanduny Bath House a unique monument of purity and hospitality, the gold standard of the Russian baths! 


Address: Moscow, 14 Neglinnaya St., bld. 3-7

Tel.: +7 (495) 782-18-08 | [email protected]

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