Fire Show at the Electronic Shore beach festival.



The Milanese puppet theatre Carlo Colla & Figli performing at the art festival.

Over the years, music and dance festivals, air shows and historical re-enactments have transformed this Siberian region into a great place to relax and have fun.

A Polikarpov Po-2 aircraft on display at the air show.

Art Festival

Every spring, the Trans-Siberian Art Festival, a major cultural event, delights both Novosibirsk residents and visitors to the city. This celebration of music showcases new stars, hosts international premieres, and offers many other pleasant surprises, with new works by contemporary composers performed here for the first time every year.

Vadim Repin, a world-renowned classical violinist and a native of Novosibirsk, serves as the festival’s artistic director, and the backbone of the festival is always the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra.

Carlo Colla & Figli presents Casanova.

This spring some of the world’s most famous musicians came to perform in Novosibirsk: the conductors Tugan Sokhiev, Charles Dutoit (Switzerland), and Yan Pascal Tortelier (France); the pianists Konstantin Lifschitz (Switzerland), Denis Kozhukhin, Sergei Tarasov, and Claudia Yang (Malaysia & China); the violinists Daniel Lozakovich (Sweden), Roman Simovich (Montenegro); the cellists Antonio Meneses (Brazil) and Alexander Knyazev, and many others. A series of performances by the Harbin Symphony Orchestra, lead by Muhai Tang, was a separate and highly successful event.

Conductor Tugan Sokhiev is pleased to participate in the art festival.

Two international premiers took place during the festival at the A. M. Katz State Concert Hall. Conducted by Tugan Sokhiev, the Symphony Orchestra performed “Music of the Sea” by the Novosibirsk composer Boris Lisitsyn, and Vadim Repin played a violin concerto by Alexander Raskatov with the Symphony Orchestra lead by conductor Andres Mustonen.

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival, a major cultural event, delights both Novosibirsk residents and visitors to the city. It showcases new stars and hosts international premieres.

For the first time in the history of the festival, an opera performance was also included in the programme. Conducted by Dmitry Kryukov (Moscow), the Trans-Siberian Festival Orchestra, with the participation of music academy students, performed Wagner’s “Tannhäuser”. To celebrate the Year of Theatre, the festival also included performances by the Milanese puppet theatre Carlo Colla & Figli. The audience was particularly interested by “Devil, Soldier, and Violin”, a multimedia show based on “A Soldier’s Story” and other works by Igor Stravinsky, which was conducted by Dmitry Sitkovetsky (USA).

Siberian Fire

The Siberian Fire International Festival of Military History is one of the most ambitious and impressive events of the summer. It takes place every June in the village of Bolshoy Oyosh in Kolyvan District.

The Streltsy, conquerors of Siberia. Reconstruction at the Siberian Fire festival.

This summer it was attended by more than five hundred historical re-enactment enthusiasts from Russia, France, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Czech Republic, and over 50 000 spectators came to enjoy the shows. Dozens of historical re-enactment campsites and interactive spaces were set up in the festival grounds. Visitors were given the opportunity to learn about nine periods in world and Russian history presented in the re-enacted battle scenes.

The Siberian Fire Festival of Military History is held annually in June.

The Siberian Fire International Festival of Military History is one of the most ambitious and impressive events of the summer. It takes place in the village of Bolshoy Oyosh.

The festival began with a picturesque procession. An exhibition of military and civilian equipment from different periods in history was also set up on the festival grounds, and everyone was welcome to pose for photos. Then, before the eyes of the public, a World War I battle scene was re-enacted, followed by a performance that illustrated the contribution of Siberian soldiers to the liberation of Sevastopol from German forces in 1944. Perhaps the most impressive sight was offered by a staged battle scene, complete with heavy military equipment, explosions and gunfire, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

Separate venues were open for children and teenagers: “Knightly Tournament for Children”, “Landsknecht Recruiting”, “Obstacle Course”, and “Children’s Historical Firing Range”. Festival events also included military sports competitions between military-patriotic clubs of the region.

According to tradition, the festival ended with a gala folk concert and colourful fireworks.

Air Show

The last weekend of July, the aerodrome in Mochishche (12 km away from Novosibirsk) hosts a magnificent air show. More than 450 dedicated professional aviators from various regions of the Russian Federation participate in this event. Among them, there are champions of Russia, Europe and the world, and more than seventy experienced parachutists.

The Russian Falcons give a breathtaking performance in Sukhoi fighter jets.

Approximately one hundred aircraft take part in the show. The sounds of engines and the applause of spectators accompany feats performed by Russian Armed Forces airplane and helicopter pilots, as well as solo and group acts by civilian pilots. Watching vintage aircraft fly is especially captivating. The athletes dazzle spectators with breathtaking parachute jumps and canopy relative work. Powered paragliders, motorized delta-planes, and kites are also on display. The Russian Falcons, the Russian Air Force’s aerobatics performance team, demonstrate their spectacular command of the Sukhoi fighter jets in solo and group performances.

Throughout the show visitors can admire and even touch military and civil aircraft, World War II era automobiles, other vintage cars, and bikes from motorcycle clubs. Anyone looking for a snack heads to the “field kitchen”, which offers a delicious hot dish of buckwheat groats with meat. Children enjoy fairground rides and other entertainment.

The festival began with a picturesque procession of historical re-enactments.

Electronic Shore

The Electronic Shore beach festival presents music, dance, and joy.

“Electronic Shore”, the much anticipated beach festival, is yet another exciting event that takes place in August. It brings together everyone who enjoys dancing, sport, delicious food, great music and good company. During the festival the beach is transformed into a massive musical, sport and entertainment venue. The organizers claim to “transport” you to Hawaii, and everything around really is Hawaiian: tanned girls in bathing suits, muscular surfers, traditional flower garlands, straw villages, surfer bikes and cars, iced cocktails, totems and fancy costumes. Just say “Aloha!”

The pool of non-Newtonian fluid at Electronic Shore beach festival. Everybody wants to walk on water!

The festival’s programme includes water polo, windsurfing, a dance-off and fancy dress swimming competition, a float fight, salsa master classes, performances by famous musicians, and entertainment for children. To make sure nobody goes hungry, the food court and market stay open all day.

All the best elements from previous festivals will be brought back this year, like the legendary Dance Battle — more than ten hours of performances by top dancers representing the most popular trends, including aerial silk dancing.

When you come to this unforgettable event, do not miss a chance to take a run through the pool of non-Newtonian fluid — this has been one of the most popular attractions at previous festivals!


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